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Sekt raus, Congratulations

bearbeitet Jänner 2014 in Diskussionsforum
Ladies and gentelmen - we proudly present and congratulate Anna Simkovics, Ursi Kadan, Robi Merl und Kerschi Kerschbaumer zum 2. Platz hinter Simone Niggli beim Orienteering Achievement of the year... super und danke an alle die für Euch gevotet haben


  • bearbeitet Jänner 2014
    For info.

    Note! This information is not to be published before Monday December 16th at 12:00 CET!

    Leonid Novikov and Simone Niggli have been awarded with “The Orienteering Achievement of 2013″. Attached is the full press release for the Orienteering Achievement of 2013 including interviews with the winners.

    Highres picture of the winners is available here:

    Results graphics are available for download here:

    The article about the winner will be available here from 12:00 CET:

    Please ask if you need more information. Feel free to use the pictures for anything related to "The Achievement of the Year 2013".

    Best regards,
    Jan Kocbach


    Novikov and Niggli: Orienteering Achievement of 2013

    Leonid Novikov and Simone Niggli have been awarded with “The Orienteering Achievement of 2013″ titles in the mens and womens class, respectively! Niggli – who finished her international career after this season – won the award for the 5th time with nearly 50% of the votes. Among the men, Leonid Novikov got nearly twice the amount of votes of number two – World Games surprise Vilius Aleliunas from Lithuania.

    Anything is possible if you really want to, believe me, I tried! (Leonid Novikov)
    The vote has been decided by the big international readership of WorldofO.com – nearly 4500 unique votes from around 60 different countries have been delivered – making these results very representative for the worldwide orienteering community. Big thanks go to all voters and to the event sponsors Five+Five days 2014, EONTours, Sun-o, Cerkno Cup, Bergen Sprint Camp, Lipica Open, North American Champs 2014, 3 days of trenches, Riga Orienteering Week and 3rd Mediterranean Champs.

    In the Men’s class Leonid Novikov won with 20.3% of the votes ahead of Vilius Aleliunas with 11.4%, Matthias Kyburz with 10.9% and the Ukrainian WOC relay team with 10.2%. In the Womens’s class Simone Niggli won with an impressive 45.7% of the votes ahead of the Austrian World Games relay team with 18.5%, Tove Alexandersson with 9.6% and Nadiya Volynska with 9.3%. The fascinating stories behind each nomination can be read at the poll page for men and women, respectively.
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