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Lithuanian Cup - 15./16 Oktober 2011

bearbeitet September 2011 in Pinnwand
Dear orienteering friends,

Lithuanian federation of orienteering and orienteering sports club “Fortūna” invites You to join in the largest autumn orienteering event in Lithuania – Lithuanian Cup 2011 (running) and Lithuanian MTBO Cup stages XIV and XV.

Late season O-running and biking event on long and middle distance combined with traditional party becomes most popular way to end the big season. This year you have chance to run on the one of the most interesting terrains in Lithuania, part of legendary Katlaukis (Kotlovka) forest, where Soviet Union championships were held more than 20 years ago.

We are sure you will be pleased not only by quality of terrain and courses, but also by novelties and attractions we prepared for You this year. As example – SPORTident ActiveCard (SI-AC) proximity punching for all MTBO courses, provided by our event partner SPORTident. May be this will be the standard of very near future not only for MTBO or Ski-O, but also for foot orienteering. Everyone willing to try the new system are welcome to ”SI AC CHALLENGE” running course at middle distance Event centre.

For the newly published Bulletin #2 please follow the link <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.okfortuna.lt/wp-content/uploads/Lietuvos-Taure-2011-Bulletin-2.pdf">http://www.okfortuna.lt/wp-content/uplo ... etin-2.pdf</a><!-- m -->.

For the up-to-date event information please visit the OSC "Fortūna" event homepage <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.okfortuna.lt/?page_id=578">http://www.okfortuna.lt/?page_id=578</a><!-- m -->.

Looking forward to see you in Vilnius!

Orienteering Sports Club "Fortūna"
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